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Types of Ai-Specific Specialization

Computer Vision

In computer vision, we annotate pictures and movies to show AI models how to solve various problems. such as object identification, image segmentation, and facial recognition.

Natural Language Processing

For natural language processing, our annotations improve language models. They label text data for sentiment analysis, entity recognition, and text classification.

Deep Learning

For deep learning neural network training, we offer annotations. Our data labeling enables the creation of models for various applications, including speech processing and image recognition.


Our robotics annotations help robot and autonomous system training. We annotate sensor data to help robots navigate, manipulate objects, and grasp their surroundings.

Recommender Systems

We annotate user behavior and preferences to create recommendation algorithms for recommender systems. Our data annotation enhances the users’ tailored content suggestions.

Bayesian Networks

Our annotations in the area of Bayesian Networks help to probabilistic graphical models. To help people understand and make decisions in complex situations, we label data.


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3D Annotation

An umbrella term for all possible 3D annotations that cannot be placed under one of the other categories in the overview find their home here.

Audio & Text Transcription

The process of converting speech in an audio file into written text and vice versa. This can be an: interview recording, academic research, political speech, news etc.

Bounding Boxes

The most common kind of data annotation. These are rectangular boxes used to identify the location of the object. It uses x and y-axis coordinates in both the upper-left and lower-right corners of the rectangle. The prime purpose of this type of data annotation is to detect objects and locations.

Dots & Pose Estimation

Pose estimation is a computer vision technique that predicts and tracks a person's or object's location. This is accomplished by examining a given person's or object's pose and orientation which have been drawn by joining dots.

Image Categorisation

The process of categorizing or sorting images. These categories can be as broad or as specific as needed. Each image will be assigned to only one category. This can be used to train machine learning algorithms to improve ecommerce product discovery, image search engines, and concept recognition systems.

Instance Segmentation

Instance segmentation identifies each time an object occurs. When there are more than one of the same object in an image then both will be given their own label and highlight colour

Landmark / Keypoint

These two annotations are used to create dots across the image to identify the object and its shape. Landmark and key-point annotations play their role in facial recognitions, identifying body parts, postures, facial expressions and alike.


Officially part of 3D annotation. But because it has a specialist character, we have decided to give it a separate category. LIDAR is widely used in self-driving vehicles, but also in drones, automated harvesting vehicles and the like.

Lines & Splines

This type of data annotation detects and recognizes lanes, it is therefore mainly used for autonomous vehicles. But it also has applications in automation, where it is used to let robots place objects on a conveyor belt, for example.

Medical Data Annotation

Because many medical companies have specialized in this sector of AI, we have decided to give medical annotations a separate sector for better ease of use.

Named Entity Recognition

The process of recognizing information units such as names, including person, organization, and location names, and numeric expressions such as time, date, money, and percent expressions from unstructured text is known as named entity recognition (and classification.)

Natural Language Processing

Concerned with the interactions between computers and human language, in particular how to program computers to process and analyze lanquage data. It is widly used in: chatbots, spamfilters, voiceassistants, grammarcorrection software and socialmedia monitoringtools.

Object Labeling / Tagging

Image labeling is a type of data labeling that focuses on identifying and tagging specific details in an image. It involves adding tags to raw data such as images and videos. Each tag represents an object class associated with the data.

Panoptic Segmentation

Panoptic segmentation helps classify objects into two categories: things and stuff. Things. In computer vision, the term things generally refer to objects that have properly defined geometry and are countable, like a person, cars, animals, etc.


Polygonal segmentation is used to identify complex polygons to determine the shape and location of the object with the utmost accuracy. This is one of the more common types of data annotations.

Semantic Segmentation

This type of annotation finds its role in situations where environmental context is a crucial factor. It is a pixel-wise annotation that assigns every pixel of the image to a class (car, truck, road, park, pedestrian, etc.). Semantic segmentation is most commonly used to train models for self-driving cars.

Text & Topic Analysis

Topic analysis is a Natural Language Processing (NLP) technique that allows us to automatically extract meaning from text by identifying recurrent themes or topics. Businesses deal with large volumes of unstructured text every day like emails, support tickets, social media posts, online reviews, etc.

Video (Object Tracking)

Object detection in videos entails detecting the presence of an object in image sequences and possibly precisely locating it for recognition. Object tracking is the process of tracking an object. Such as its presence, position, size, shape, and so on.

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Types of Services to Select From

Text Annotation

Want to work with one of the best text annotation services? You made the right choice. You can improve your NLP models thanks to our specialists. We provide data labeling and annotation services. Your models will accurately understand contexts and semantics because we handle everything from named entity recognition to sentiment analysis.

Text Categorization

Our text classification tool can help you uncover vital information about your text data. We classify and distribute texts into the proper groups. This vastly enhances search functionality, streamlines information retrieval, and boosts content recommendations.

Image Annotation

To improve computer vision projects you need one of the best image annotation companies and you have found it. Our labeling services are very thorough. We label objects, regions, and attributes in images. This way, your algorithms will recognize and understand visual content.

Video Annotation

With us you will get the best video annotation services. We annotate frames, objects, and actions. This, in turn, makes the video content easier to understand. Ideal for surveillance, video indexing and video editing using AI.

Audio Annotation

Unleash the potential of audio data with one of the best audio annotation companies. We transcribe, label and classify audio files. This makes them searchable and suitable for voice recognition, emotion analysis, and speech-to-text applications.

Industry-Specific Data Annotation

Our experts provide domain-specific annotations. We ensure that the data is annotated with industry context in mind. Our data annotation services for machine learning will help in any industry.

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Types of Annotation Services Provided

3D Cuboid Annotation

Elevate your computer vision projects with 3D cuboid annotation. Our AI data annotation services include precise labeling for object localization and tracking in three dimensions.

Bounding Boxes

Trust our data annotation companies for accurate bounding box annotations. Enhance object detection models with clear, AI-optimized delineations of objects in images and videos.

Keypoint Annotation

Precision is key with keypoint annotation. Our annotation agencies excel at marking key points on objects, enabling precise pose estimation and tracking for various applications.

Polygonal Annotation

Achieve fine-grained object delineation with polygonal annotation. Our annotation firms provide detailed and scalable annotations for complex shapes in image and video data.

Semantic Segmentation

Harness the power of semantic segmentation for pixel-level accuracy. Our AI data annotation services offer data labeling that’s essential for understanding object boundaries and categories.

Instance Segmentation

Enhance your computer vision models with instance segmentation. Our annotation agencies excel at separating and labeling individual instances of objects in images and videos.

Landmark Annotation

Use landmark annotation to improve your facial recognition and tracking models. Our data annotation companies highlight important facial features for in-depth examination.


Add depth to your data with heatmap annotation. Our AI data annotation services include the creation of heatmaps for visualizing data distribution and intensity.

LiDAR Annotation

Navigate the world of autonomous vehicles and 3D mapping with LiDAR annotation. Our annotation firms provide accurate point cloud labeling and object recognition for LiDAR data.

Text Classification

You can interpret text with text classification annotation. Our data annotation companies classify text data to improve the accuracy of content analysis.

Named Entity Recognition

Elevate your text analysis with named entity recognition. Our annotation firms provide precise labeling to identify and categorize entities, enhancing text-based applications.

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