3D LiDAR and 3D Point Cloud Annotation.

3D LiDAR and 3D Point Cloud Annotation.

The most essential sensor for autonomous vehicles, operating at higher levels (L4-L5)
of autonomy. Using deep learning algorithms require a huge amount of training data labelled
through point cloud annotation. Annotating the LiDAR point cloud data is a challenging task due
to low resolution, complex annotation process, and the fact that it is time-consuming. However,
Roora is your One-Stop Solution, as we perform this job perfectly with expertise in image
annotation services to create training data for machine learning algorithms. In cloud
annotation, the object up to 1 cm can be annotated with 3D boxes labelling the objects at every
single point. To make the objects recognizable in both environments indoor and outdoor, 3D
point cloud annotation is best suitable for precise detection through LiDAR sensors. Using the
right tool and technique, our in-house trained workforce is capable of annotating any type of
LiDAR generated data.

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