Decimal Point Analytics

Decimal Point Analytics

Since 2003, Decimal Point Analytics (DPA) stands as a trusted name in financial research solutions. Combining deep financial knowledge with advanced technology, we’ve consistently empowered our clients to navigate the complex financial world with ease.

Our Edge:

Experienced Team: With two decades in the sector, our dedicated team of over 800 professionals consistently delivers top-notch services.

Versatile Offerings: We provide a wide array of services, utilizing the latest in AI and Machine Learning, always aimed at maximizing profitability.

Personalized Approach: Understanding the unique needs of every client, we specialize in tailored solutions, ensuring relevance and precision.

Global Reach: With a robust presence across the globe, we have three offices in India and strategic locations overseas, underscoring our commitment to being where our clients are.

Our key services include Data Management, Research Services, Analytics & Business Intelligence, AI-ML & Automation, Fund Management & PE Support, ESG Solutions, Research Services, CRM Support and Investor Relations

At DPA, we’re more than just a service provider; we’re your global partner in financial excellence.

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